historia1The history of the Refrigeration Engineering Centre goes back to 1946 when the Central Office for Chemical Equipment and Refrigeration Appliances CEBEA was established in Krakow. The following decades saw continuous attention being paid in Krakow to refrigeration, yet in a variety of organisational formats. An important landmark came in November 1960 when an independent unit was created under the name of the COCH Refrigeration Engineering Centre, a successor of the CEBEA-based Department for Refrigeration Appliances.historia2

In 1975, COCH was made part of the CEBEA organisation for some time, yet in1990 it regained full independence as a Research and Development Centre. In nearly 60 years since its establishment, the scope of the Centre’s operations launched in 1946 with design and construction work has expanded and currently includes scientific research, R&D projects as well as model and pilot studies of a new generation of machinery and appliances for refrigeration, heat pumps and air-conditioners. In its accredited laboratory the Centre performs trials of new historia2products implemented in the domestic industry, attestation tests of means of refrigerated transport as well as those related to product certification (refrigeration, heat pumps and air-conditioning).

At its experimental station the Centre develops prototypes of machinery andappliances with particular emphasis placed on small capacity freezing tunnels andhistoria4 specialist test, temperature-controlled and low-temperature chambers as well as tests stations, etc.

historia5Boasting state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified staff and years of experience, the COCH Refrigeration Engineering Centre is perfectly positioned to resolve most complex problems faced by Polish refrigeration engineering. The COCHRefrigeration Engineering Centre enjoys ongoing cooperation with academic centres as well as research and industrial organisations, including international ones like the International Refrigeration Institute.