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ATP Hallmark

The ATP hallmark consists of:

  • classification mark (for example, FRC),
  • the certificate expiration date (for example, 6/25/2021).

The ATP hallmark consists of dark blue letters on a white background.

The letters shall be at least 100 mm high for the sign indicating the type of classification and at least 50 mm for the expiry date.

In the case of smaller means of transport with a total mass of not more than 3.5 tons, it is allowed to reduce the height of the letters of the classification mark to 50 mm (for the type of classification) and to 25 mm (for the validity date of the test).

The ATP test marking shall be on the upper front corners of the heat insulated means of transport.

The identification mark should be removed as soon as the means of transport no longer meets the requirements of the ATP Agreement.

The data on the ATP label (classification type and expiry date) must comply with the specifications of the associated ATP certificate.

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