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ATP plate

The ATP plate should be placed permanently on the wall of the means of transport in a clearly visible place, next to other required identification plates.

In accordance with the requirements of the Agreement, the ATP should contain the following information:
  • ATP statement
  • APPROVAL NUMBER – approval number and the distinguishing mark of the country in which the approval was issued and the number (digits, letters, etc.)
  • reference to the basis for admission;
  • EQUIPMENT NUMBER – the number of the means of transport and the individual number allowing to identify the given vehicle (it may be the serial number);
  • ATP MARK – identification mark corresponding to the class and category of the means of transport (for example, FRC);
  • VALID UNTIL” – expiry date (month and year) by which the approval of a given means of transport expires. If the approval is renewed following a test or scrutiny, the next expiry date may be added on the same line.

The letters “ATP” as well as the letters of the distinctive emblem must be approximately 20 mm high. Other letters and numbers must not be less than 5 mm.

The information should be clearly legible and indelible on the board, at least in English or French or Russian.

The ATP board should be in the form of a rectangular plate with dimensions of at least 160 mm x 100 mm.

All data on the ATP plate should be identical to that of the associated ATP certificate. In the event that the means of transport no longer meets the requirements of the ATP Agreement, the plate should be removed.

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