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ATP classification

The agreement ATP (A – aqreement, contract, T – transport; P- perishable food) transportation are classified in accordance with their intended use and equipment and K coefficient (heat transfer coefficient).

The first letter indicates the type of means of transport:
  • I – Insulated equipment
  • F – Mechanically refrigerated equipment
  • C – Heated equipment
  • R – Refrigerated equipment
  • B – Mechanically refrigerated and heated equipment
The second letter corresponds to the type of thermal insulation:
  • R – reinforced insulation
  • N – normal insulation
The third letter stands for the temperature class:
  • A÷Ffor insulated equipments
  • A÷Dfor refrigerated equipments
  • A÷Dfor heated equipment
  • A÷Lfor mechanically refrigerated and heated equipments

The letter X in the fourth position means that the transport vehicle is equipped with a removable or dependent thermal device.

Labels examples and their respective transport temperature ranges and heat transfer coefficients K:
  • FNA – from +12°C to 0°C, k ≤ 0,7 〈W/m²K〉
  • FRB – from +12°C to -10°C, k ≤ 0,4 〈W/m²K〉
  • FRC – from +12°C to -20°C, k ≤ 0,4 〈W/m²K〉
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