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Examples of other research in the field of refrigeration that can be performed at the premises of COCH Refrigeration Laboratory – please contact us.
  • Examination of thermal expansion of elements;
  • Research on oil retention in exchangers at low efficiency of cooling installations;
  • Comparative research on the parameters of refrigeration equipment from different manufacturers;
  • Studies of the temperature distribution in the chamber;
  • Water cooling tests in an insulated container tank at an ambient temperature of -30 ° C
  • Research on the effectiveness of defrosting bus windows at an outside temperature of -30 ° C;
  • Research on resistance and reliability of devices at -30 ° C;
  • Supercritical refrigerant research;
  • Installation pressure resistance tests;
  • Tests of pressure strength of expansion bellows for vacuum installations;
  • Exploitation tests of stations for servicing vehicle air-conditioning installations;
  • Operational tests of fluidization freezing tunnels;
  • Defrosting effectiveness tests;
  • Other tests in an alternating-temperature climatic chamber from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C;
  • Indoor microclimate research;
  • Mapping the temperature distribution in the chambers;
  • Calibration of measuring instruments: thermometers, manometers, pressure and power transmitters;
  • The laboratory also performs other non-standard tests, e.g. in thermo-climatic chambers or other within the available research possibilities, it is also possible to design and construct new test stands for specific tests, as agreed with the client.

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