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Periodic ATP control

When should the test be performed?

Periodic inspection of refrigerated transport means in accordance with the ATP agreement is required:

  • after 6 years from the production date,
  • then every 3 years,
  • in exceptional cases by order of the appropriate authority.
What parameters are tested?

During the periodic test, it is checked whether the refrigerating appliance is able to cool the bodywork without loading to the temperature corresponding to its ATP class within the prescribed time period (unit efficiency test).

The check is to be in the form of an insulated body inspection to identify and check the following:

  • general condition of thermal insulation and refrigeration equipment,
  • condition of door seals and openings,
  • wall thicknesses and body dimensions,
  • type of sheathing and condition of the walls (roof, side walls, front floor, doors);
  • body and aggregate manufacturer’s plate,
    correct operation of the thermostat.

On the basis of a positive result of the inspection, the means of transport can obtain the ATP certificate and extend the service life in the current class for a period not longer than three years.

Periodic inspections are performed by inspectors of authorized research stations.

Inspectors of the Refrigeration R&D Center COCH have appropriate measuring equipment (calibrated) and have the required qualifications.

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