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Refrigeration installations tests

Types of performed tests :
  • Investigation of thermal parameters, cooling power, heating power, energy consumption.
  • Determination of COP, EER indicators;
  • A set of tests for energy labeling of products
  • Optimization tests of devices;
  • Studies of the temperature distribution in the chamber;
  • Tests of air speed and flow.
  • Tests of defrosting efficiency.
  • Electrical safety research (sign B);
  • Refrigerating units for use in refrigerated transport, determination of useful cooling capacity;
  • Tightness tests and pressure strength tests of devices and installations;
  • Comparative study;
  • Research for expertise;

At the client’s request, we also perform other tests of thermal parameters, in accordance with any agreed test schedule, e.g. tests in real conditions, tests at the customer’s premises, etc.

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