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Mark B – warranty mark B

Voluntary certification for the guarantee trademark "B" is a process in which independent, competent and objective certification bodies award the safety mark to products submitted by suppliers, including manufacturers, importers and distributors. Products bearing the "B" mark are recognized as safe to use, modern, environmentally friendly, and inspire confidence in consumers.

The rules of certification are set forth in the Program for the Certification of Products for the Common Warranty Mark "B", developed by the Committee for the Common Warranty Mark "B".

Detailed information on the certification program for the "B" Mark can be obtained from the staff of the COCH Certification Department.

Detailed information about the certification process

Diagram of the certification procedure

Applying for Certification:

A supplier seeking certification for the mark “B” is required to submit necessary documents that form the basis of the certification process. To facilitate this, requirements regarding documentation are specified, and application forms, including supplier assessment questionnaires, are provided to the applicant.

Certification Process:

  1. Preparation of Documents and Application: The supplier submits a complete certification application along with product identification documents and filled-out questionnaires.

  2. Formal Document Evaluation: The documentation undergoes a formal assessment to ensure completeness and compliance with certification requirements.

  3. Product Testing and Evaluation: Products undergo necessary testing and evaluation to confirm compliance with safety and quality requirements.

  4. Quality Management System Assessment: An assessment of the supplier’s quality management system is conducted, involving a review of system documentation and potentially an inspection of production technical conditions.

  5. Review and Decision: Information gathered during the process is reviewed, and based on this, a decision is made regarding certification issuance.

  6. Contractual Agreement and Certificate Issuance: Upon successful completion of the certification process, a contractual agreement is established with the supplier defining conditions for using the “B” mark. Subsequently, the certificate is issued, confirming the products’ compliance with high standards of safety, quality, and environmental protection.

Interrupting the Certification Process:

If required documents are not submitted, there are financial arrears, or if the supplier requests to halt the process, certification procedures may be interrupted.

The certification process is comprehensively outlined in the Product Certification Program for the “B” trademark, specifying all requirements and procedures necessary to obtain certification.

Appeals and Complaints

Information on the procedure for handling complaints and appeals can be found at this link.

Additional capabilities

Mark "B" - Symbol of Safety and Quality

Mark "B" is not only a symbol of high safety and quality standards, but also a guarantee of modernity and environmental friendliness. Choose certification that emphasizes the value of your products.

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