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About the Certification Department

The Central Refrigeration Center "COCH" in Cracow is the only scientific and implementation research and development unit in Poland, operating in the field of refrigeration machinery, equipment and installations continuously since 1946, and has professional staff and adequate laboratory facilities and equipment.

Specialists in refrigeration

We conduct research, development and commercial work on the efficiency of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment and their components components for enterprises. We also certify the above-mentioned equipment in terms of its quality and CE conformity assessment for safety of use.

For many years we have also offered a number of specialized training courses, after which participants acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work with refrigeration equipment and modern ways of installing and maintaining thermal equipment (including photovoltaics).

About our Department


We are engaged in the following tasks:

– conducting scientific research and development in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps, and transferring their results to industry, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises,

– undertaking activities to improve methods of conducting scientific research and development,

– engaging in supplementary activities, particularly in the areas of training and dissemination of scientific and technical information related to refrigeration, air conditioning, utilization of unconventional energy sources, and the environment,

– developing analyses and assessments concerning the state and development of the aforementioned fields of science and technology, as well as proposing ways to utilize global advancements in science and technology within the country.


Mozaika na budynku Centralnego Ośrodka Chłodnictwa w Krakowie
Dzieło Andrzeja Rohackiego i zespołu.


The organizational structure of the Central Refrigeration Center “COCH” currently includes the following departments:

– Refrigeration Equipment Laboratory (BL) – Certification Department (NC)

– Training Department (NS)

– Technical Approvals Department (NT)

– Finance and Accounting Department (NE)

– Administration and Personnel Department (NA)

– Maintenance Department (NR).

Independently of the administrative structure, the Center has:

– Technical Council

– Governing Board of the Product Certification Body – Governing Board of the Personnel Certification Body

– Technical Committee for Product Certification

– Technical Committee for Personnel Certification

– Technical Approvals Committee

– Independent positions: consultants.



We offer a wide range of refrigeration services similar to institutions such as CEMAFROID in France or TUV in Germany. As the Central Refrigeration Center “COCH,” we hold numerous accreditations and authorizations, including:

  • Accredited PCA Laboratory (no. AB308) for testing refrigeration equipment, air conditioners, heat pumps, and others,
  • PCA Accreditation for the Product Certification Department (no. AC036) in the certification of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment,
  • PCA Accreditation for the Personnel Certification Department (no. AC056) in the field of refrigeration,
  • Notification by the European Commission according to PED Directive 2014/68/EU,
  • Authorization for testing under the ATP Agreement and granting the European Keymark,
  • Accreditation by UDT for conducting training in heat pumps, photovoltaics, and greenhouse gas substances,
  • Status as an Assessing Unit under the F-Gas Act,
  • Certificates for entrepreneurs regarding installation, servicing, and decommissioning of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment,
  • Entry into the Register of Training Institutions (RIS) and accreditations from the education curator,
  • Active membership in the Polish Committee for Standardization, Committee KT-5 for Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, and Compressors.

Our operations are based on high-quality standards and a broad spectrum of competencies, ensuring comprehensive service in the refrigeration industry.


The traditions of the Central Refrigeration Center (COCH) date back to 1946 when the Central Bureau of Chemical Apparatus and Refrigeration Equipment (CEBEA) was established in Krakow. Over the subsequent decades, refrigeration activities in Krakow continued in various organizational forms. A significant moment occurred in November 1960 when the Refrigeration Equipment Department separated from CEBEA to form an independent unit named the Central Refrigeration Center COCH.

In 1975, COCH was temporarily administratively merged with CEBEA but regained full autonomy in 1990 as a Research and Development Center. Over its long history since 1946, the Center’s scope expanded from design and construction activities to encompass scientific research, research and development, and modeling and pilot studies of new generations of refrigeration, heat pump, and air conditioning machinery and equipment.

In its accredited laboratory, COCH conducts research on new products for domestic industry, certification tests for refrigerated transport, and product certification in refrigeration, heat pumps, and air conditioning.

The experimental facility at COCH develops prototype machines and equipment, including small-scale freezing tunnels, specialized variable-temperature and low-temperature test chambers, and research stations.

With modern equipment, highly qualified staff, and extensive experience, COCH is well-prepared to tackle the most complex challenges in Polish refrigeration. The Center collaborates closely with academic institutions, research organizations, and industrial partners, including international entities such as the International Institute of Refrigeration.

The mosaic on the building of the Central Refrigeration Center in Krakow, created by Andrzej Rohacki and his team, is a testament to its historical and architectural significance. Designed by Stanisław Ćwiżewicz, the building was constructed between 1962 and 1965.


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