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Centralny Ośrodek Chłodnictwa COCH w Krakowie Sp. z o.o.
- Together, we develop the field of refrigeration in Poland!

Centralny Ośrodek Chłodnictwa COCH w Krakowie Sp. z o.o. - together, we develop the field of refrigeration in Poland!

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Our services

At COCH, we offer a package of services that will assist you in your daily operations

ATP / FRC Certificate


Accredited tests in accordance with the ATP Agreement concerning the carriage of perishable foodstuffs and special transport means adapted for such carriage.

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Related Services

  • Obtaining ATP certification
  • Extending the validity of ATP certificates
  • Measuring the thermal transmittance coefficient “K”
  • Comprehensive testing of mechanically and non-mechanically cooled transport means
  • Testing the useful refrigeration capacity of units
  • Global thermal transmittance coefficient “K” for tankers
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Refrigeration testing of equipment and vehicles


Refrigeration testing of equipment and vehicles covers a wide range of issues, including energy efficiency mapping (GDP, DPD), heat pump testing, and refrigerated furniture performance analysis, and more.

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Related services

  • Temperature distribution inside chambers or vehicles (GDP DIN 91323 mapping)
  • Testing of military equipment and vehicles
  • Heat pump testing
  • Testing of refrigeration furniture
  • Testing of fans, dehumidifiers, compressors and units, chillers, and more…
  • Acoustic and vibration testing of machines and devices
  • And more…
Refrigeration training and competence


Professional trainings in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. We offer participants theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for working with modern refrigeration and air conditioning systems. (Only in Polish)

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Selected trainings

  • F-Gas Training
  • RES – Authorized Installer of Heat Pump Systems and Photovoltaic Systems
  • Filling of Pressure Vessels (refrigerants and technical gases)
  • Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of SPLIT Type Air Conditioners
  • Refrigeration Competence according to PN-EN 13313
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Certification and inspection


Certification and supervision in refrigeration include the application of quality marks such as Keymark, B, and CE, which attest to meeting high safety and quality standards. We offer product and competency certification in refrigeration, including soldering.

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  • Quality Marks: HP Keymark, B mark, CE
  • Competencies: Refrigeration Competencies, Soldering Competencies
  • Additional Services: Consulting in Cogeneration, Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
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Other services


Learn about other services that you can order directly through the website or after contacting our staff.

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Selected services

  • Rental of office spaces
  • Verification of measuring equipment
  • Refrigerant analysis service
  • Leakage analysis service
  • Business operations procedures
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