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ATP / FRC testing

General information about Polish ATP Testing Station at COCH.
Our services include comprehensive testing for ATP certification (renewal, transcription).
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Directions to
The ATP testing station in Kraków.

How to get there?

ATP testing station can be entered through
Gate No. 2 from the side of 116 Lea Street in Krakow

Details of the ATP Agreement

Read more about the details of the ATP Agreement and related regulations. Select the appropriate tile to go to the subpage.

Order forms

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Quality accreditation - a guarantee of trust

The AB 308 Refrigeration Equipment Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center and specializes in testing refrigeration equipment.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced specialists who offer comprehensive assistance in the process of preparation for testing and the testing of refrigeration equipment itself. With our services, we provide customers with reliable and professional service at every stage of cooperation.

Contact information for ATP inspectors

Below you will find a directory of contact information for COCH Laboratory and ATP Inspectors.

mgr inż. Dorota Niedojadło - kierownik laboratorium

+48 12 637 08 57
+48 667 600 635

mgr inż. Bogdan Szczepański

+48 503 021 131

mgr inż. Mateusz Głąb

+48 502 334 462

mgr inż. Maciej Woszczek

+48 786 202 626

inż. Adam Zelek

+48 661 773 369

inż. Łukasz Warpas / Międzyrzec Podlaski /

+ 48 786 202 630

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