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Design of installations, facilities and equipment

We offer expert assistance in the design of installations, facilities and special-purpose refrigeration equipment. We offer innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.

Examples of devices

  • Freezing Tunnels: freezing tunnels that provide optimal storage conditions for food products and other materials requiring low temperatures.
  • Climate Chambers and Cabinets: climate chambers and cabinets that enable precise control of thermal conditions, essential for storage and laboratory research.
  • Laboratory Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: specialized ultra-low temperature freezers, ideal for storing laboratory samples under tightly controlled conditions.
  • Specialized Laboratory Testing Stations: dedicated stations for laboratory testing, ensuring stable cooling conditions necessary for conducting precise experiments and tests.
  • Refrigeration Units and Heat Exchangers: refrigeration unit designs and heat exchangers that are essential components of effective cooling systems in various industrial sectors.

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