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Certification of personnel to make non-separable connections – soldererer

Certification of personnel to make inseparable connections, also known as brazing, is essential to ensure the safety and quality of connections in a variety of industrial and craft applications. The brazing process requires not only precise technical skills, but also knowledge of the relevant standards and procedures to ensure the durability and reliability of connections.

brazing certification training courses are designed to ensure that participants gain the necessary competencies to make inseparable connections in accordance with current industry standards and requirements.

Personnel making inseparable connections - solderers, performing work using brazing methods, are subject to a certification process in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 13585:2012 "Brazing - Qualification of brazers and brazing operators".

Detailed information about the certification process

Competency and qualification requirements

Here are the competency and qualification requirements for individuals applying for certification in performing non-destructive connections, according to our certification program:

  • Physical Aptitude: Candidates should possess specific physical attributes including good vision, color recognition, tactile sensitivity, fine eye-hand coordination, and physical dexterity. These characteristics are essential for performing tasks related to non-destructive connection processes, depending on the brazing method.
  • Age Requirements: Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Training in Non-Destructive Connections: Applicants must provide a certificate of completion from an appropriate training program in non-destructive connections that aligns with the desired certification. An exception applies for recertification situations.
  • Medical Certificate: Candidates must present a current medical certificate confirming their fitness for performing tasks within the scope of the applied certification, specifically for non-destructive connection tasks.

Ensuring compliance with these requirements is crucial to maintaining safety, effectiveness, and quality in the soldering process, as well as meeting certification standards.

Certification rules

The certification rules for personnel performing non-destructive connections, as detailed in our certification program, encompass the following stages:

  1. Application Submission: The candidate submits an application for certification to the Personnel Certification Body.

  2. Registration and Application Evaluation: The candidate’s application is registered and undergoes a thorough evaluation for completeness and compliance with requirements.

  3. Knowledge Assessment (Theoretical Exam) and Practical Skills Assessment (Practical Exam): The candidate undergoes a theoretical exam to assess their theoretical knowledge related to non-destructive connection processes. Additionally, they undergo a practical exam where they demonstrate their practical skills.

  4. Performance of Tests and Laboratory Examinations: In some cases, specialized tests and laboratory examinations may be required to confirm the candidate’s ability to perform non-destructive connections.

  5. Certification Decision: Based on the assessment results of the application, exams, and any necessary tests, a decision is made regarding certification.

  6. Issuance of Certificate: Upon a positive decision, the candidate is issued a certificate confirming their qualifications to perform non-destructive connections in accordance with specified requirements.

  7. Supervision of Certificate Holder: The certifying body oversees the certificate holder, monitoring their activities to ensure they maintain the required standards.

  8. Recertification: The certificate has a specified validity period. Upon expiration, the certificate holder may apply for recertification, which involves meeting specific conditions and possibly undergoing additional tests or training.

These stages ensure a comprehensive approach to certification aimed at ensuring high quality and safety in the performance of non-destructive connections, in compliance with the requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

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