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Our Testing Laboratory and independent Inspection and Certification Body offercomprehensive services related to testing, verification, marking and factory inspection of products bearing the KEYMARK mark. KEYMARK is a European certification mark that confirms the compliance of products and services with European standards, offering consumers the added value of proven quality. Unlike the CE marking, which indicates compliance with minimum legal requirements, KEYMARK guarantees adherence to uniform European Quality Standards.

A product can be marked with the KEYMARK mark only after testing and certification by a neutral, independent and competent body. This process includes factory inspection and Initial Type Testing (ITT), which, along with regular inspections, are key elements of the KEYMARK designation procedure. A Heat Pump KEYMARK awarded in one country is respected in all countries covered by the system. The KEYMARK certification ensures that products meet the highest European quality standards and are safe and reliable for consumers.

Detailed information about the certification process

HP KEYMARK heat pumps: key features and benefits

HP KEYMARK heat pump certification is a voluntary, independent European certification mark (ISO type 5 certification) applicable to all heat pumps, combination heat pumps, and hot water heaters (in accordance with ecodesign regulations EU 813/2013 and 814/2013).

The certification process involves independent testing by a third party to confirm compliance with product requirements defined in the HP KEYMARK scheme rules and efficiency requirements specified by ecodesign Lot 1 and Lot 2.

Key features and benefits of HP KEYMARK certification include:

  1. Unified Certificate for All Stakeholders

    • HP KEYMARK certification is open to all stakeholders interested in certifying heat pumps.
  2. Independent Testing Using Ecodesign Reference Points

    • Heat pumps are tested by independent research laboratories using reference points specified by EU regulations (206/2012, 813/2013, and 814/2013).
  3. Factory Production Control (FPC) and Quality Management Control

    • Certification includes factory production control and assessment of the quality management system.
  4. Market Transparency and Trust

    • The HP KEYMARK certificate is transparent and robust, creating market trust across Europe.
  5. Mutual Acceptance by All Participating Certification Bodies

    • HP KEYMARK certification is mutually accepted by all participating certification bodies in Europe.
  6. No Minimum Requirements

    • While there are no minimum requirements per se, due to ecodesign regulations, there will be minimum requirements related to energy efficiency (eta s) and noise levels.

HP KEYMARK certification ensures that certified heat pumps meet high standards of performance, efficiency, and environmental impact, enhancing their market competitiveness and credibility.

How to get HP KEYMARK certification?

The HP KEYMARK certification scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe. Manufacturers interested in obtaining certification should contact one of the authorized certification bodies. Please send your inquiry to:

Certification procedure

Here is the process of obtaining HP KEYMARK certification for heat pumps:

  1. Application for Certification: The manufacturer interested in obtaining HP KEYMARK certification must apply to one of the authorized certification bodies. Selecting the appropriate certification body is the first step in the process.

  2. Independent Testing: The submitted heat pump undergoes independent testing conducted by approved research laboratories. These tests assess compliance with relevant European standards and efficiency requirements specified by ecodesign Lot 1 and Lot 2.

  3. Evaluation of Test Results: The test results are thoroughly evaluated by the chosen certification body. The product must meet all requirements specified in the HP KEYMARK scheme rules to proceed to the next stage.

  4. Factory Production Control (FPC): The next step involves a factory production control audit. The certification body conducts an audit of the quality management system in the manufacturing facility to ensure that production processes meet required standards.

  5. Issuance of Certificate: Upon successful completion of all tests and production control audits, the certification body issues the HP KEYMARK certificate. This certificate is valid for 10 years, contingent upon annual factory production control audits and biennial product inspection audits being successfully completed.

  6. Certificate Renewal: The certificate can be renewed upon the manufacturer’s request, provided that annual factory production control audits and biennial product inspection audits are successfully conducted. This ensures continuous maintenance of high product quality.

The HP KEYMARK certification process ensures that certified heat pumps meet rigorous standards of quality, efficiency, and environmental performance, enhancing their market competitiveness and credibility.

Appeals and Complaints

Information on the procedure for handling complaints and appeals can be found at this link.

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Why Choose COCH Certification?

HP KEYMARK is a European independent certification, confirming the quality and compliance of heat pumps with the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Awarded by COCH, it provides manufacturers with market recognition and consumer confidence.

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The Certification Department is accredited AC 036 and AC 056 by the Polish Accreditation Center and specializes in the certification of refrigeration destination products and personnel competence in the field of refrigeration.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced specialists who offer comprehensive assistance in the certification preparation and certification process, supervision and personnel competence development. With our services, we provide customers with reliable and professional service at every stage of cooperation.


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