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Rental of office premises

Renting office premises in the building at 116 Lea Street in Krakow is an excellent opportunity for companies that want to achieve success. Location, security, good technical conditions of the building and the possibility to rent parking spaces are just some of the many advantages of this place. Thanks to this, tenants can focus on running their business, and the rest will be taken care of by the building's owners.

ul. Lea 116, Kraków

Nowadays, renting office premises is one of the most important challenges for companies that want to succeed. This is where their business starts, this is where employees meet, as well as customers and clients. Therefore, choosing the right place to do business is crucial to the success of any company. One such place is the building at 116 Lea Street in Krakow.

This building is a unique place on the office map of Krakow.This characteristic office and service building is in good technical condition, offers the possibility to rent parking spaces, and is supervised and monitored, which provides tenants with security and peace of mind.

The location of the building at 116 Lea Street is characterized by easy access by both public transportation and car, which is important for employees who need to commute. In addition, for motorists, it is possible to rent parking spaces at the building itself.

The office premises that can be rented in this building are in very good condition and available immediately. This means that companies can quickly start their operations without having to wait for renovations or repairs. The tenant can customize the premises for their business.

Offer details

Offer details

  • An attractive rental rate is individually determined based on the area of the leased premises (starting from 35.00 PLN/m² net + utilities – rate determined individually).
  • Available commercial spaces range from 10 to 80 m².
  • Rent adjustments are indexed annually using the CPI EUR inflation index.
  • A security deposit equal to one month’s gross rent is required.
  • Tenants have the option to combine spaces, as well as individually partition and arrange rooms.
  • The facility is equipped with a security and monitoring system ensuring tenant safety.
  • High-speed fiber optic internet is available.
  • Water access is provided in designated areas on each floor – in restrooms and social rooms.
  • Electricity is metered via submeters in each unit, with a shared distribution panel.
  • There are unlimited telephone lines with a dedicated telephone exchange.
  • Parking spaces are available adjacent to the building for tenants’ use.
  • The minimum lease period is 12 months.


30-133 Kraków, ul. Lea 116.

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