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Reporting on refrigerants

We provide comprehensive services related to evidence and reporting on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) and ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Our activities are aimed at a wide range of companies and institutions that use, recycle or manage these substances, ensuring full compliance with applicable legal standards and environmental protection.

Why use our services?

Experience and knowledge: Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with in-depth knowledge of the law and practical experience in the management of F-gases and EMS.

Professional approach: We offer comprehensive support from the maintenance of the balance sheet to the preparation and submission of mandatory electronic reports to the relevant institutions.

Customization: Individual approach to each order, ensuring compliance with legal and environmental requirements and minimizing financial risks associated with regulatory violations.

Reporting details

We direct our services to:

  • Companies involved in the manufacture, installation and operation of refrigeration equipment.
  • Companies that recycle and recover used refrigerants. Institutions that manage commercial and public properties.
  • Consultants and auditors involved in energy and environmental protection.
  • Technicians and environmental specialists in public institutions.


According to the Act of May 15, 2015 on ozone-depleting substances and certain fluorinated greenhouse gases (with subsequent amendments – Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1951), entities:

  1. Importing F-gases and ozone-depleting substances (ODS) to the territory of Poland,
  2. Exporting F-gases and ODS from the territory of Poland,
  3. Using F-gases and ODS,
  4. Engaging in recovery, recycling, regeneration, or destruction of F-gases and ODS,

are required to maintain records on appropriate forms and submit reports electronically annually by February 28th for the previous reporting year.

Additionally, according to the Act of April 27, 2001 – Environmental Protection Law (Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 62, item 627, as amended), entities utilizing the environment have an obligation to prepare reports on environmental use and pay fees (including for the introduction of gases or dust into the air resulting from the operation of equipment).

A list containing information and data on environmental use scope and the amount of fees due must be submitted to the marshal’s office by March 31st for the previous reporting year.

Contact information

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