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Product certification

We are an accredited certification body for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump products, operating since 1946. Our mission is to ensure the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety of equipment in the Polish and international market.

We are an accredited product certification body (accreditation of the Polish Accreditation Center No. AC 036), meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065.

Thanks to our certification services, manufacturers can meet legal and normative requirements, increase the safety and quality of their products, and gain a competitive advantage. We invite you to cooperate with us and join the ranks of our satisfied customers who appreciate the professionalism, reliability and international recognition of the certifications we offer.

Detailed information about the certification process

Diagram of the certification procedure

  1. Submission of Application with Required Attachments: The process begins with the submission of a product certification application. All necessary attachments, including technical documentation of the product, must be included with the application.

  2. Application Review: Upon receiving the application, our team conducts an initial review to ensure that all required documents have been submitted and are complete.

  3. Registration of Application and Product Certification Agreement and Supervision: The application is then registered, and a product certification agreement, along with supervision of its compliance with standards, is signed with the client.

  4. Documentation Assessment and Review: At this stage, we perform a detailed assessment and review of the technical documentation provided for the product to verify its compliance with the specified standards.

  5. Certification Decision: Based on the results of the documentation assessment and review, a decision is made regarding the granting or denial of certification.

  6. Certification Oversight: After certification is granted, we conduct ongoing oversight to ensure its validity, regularly monitoring the products and the conditions of their production.

This process ensures that products certified by COCH meet stringent quality and safety standards, providing assurance to clients and ensuring compliance throughout the certification period.


Information on product certification fees can be obtained electronically. Please send your inquiry

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Compliance with Standards: The supplier commits that certified products will comply with the standards specified in the certificate.

  • Access to Facility: The supplier allows representatives of the certification body access to the manufacturing facility where the certified product is produced, providing necessary conditions for inspections.

  • Documentation and Production: Certified products must be manufactured according to the documentation related to samples recognized as compliant with the standard.

  • Notification of Changes: The supplier undertakes to inform the certification body about any changes in the product, production process, or quality management system.

  • Complaints and Appeals: The supplier retains records of all complaints regarding certified products and takes appropriate corrective actions.

  • Withdrawal of Certification: The supplier reserves the right to withdraw certification during its validity period, after prior notification to the certification body.

  • Facility Inspection: During the validity period of the certificate, the supplier ensures the possibility of the certification body inspecting the production facility according to the surveillance schedule.

  • Public Notification of Certificate: The supplier has the right to publicly announce that it holds a certificate for specified products.

  • Use of Certification Mark: The certification body permits the supplier to use its certification mark and provides the mark in digital form.

  • Confidentiality: The certification body commits to maintaining confidentiality of all information obtained during the certification process, except for information publicly disclosed by the supplier or agreed upon with them.

Termination, Limitation, Suspension or Revocation of Certification

Certification may be terminated, limited, suspended or revoked in accordance with the Product Certification Program.

Appeals and Complaints

Information on the procedure for handling complaints and appeals can be found at this link.

Why Choose COCH Certification?

Certification of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump products at the Central Refrigeration Center COCH in Krakow is a guarantee of the highest quality and compliance with international standards.

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Quality accreditation - a guarantee of trust

The Certification Department is accredited AC 036 and AC 056 by the Polish Accreditation Center and specializes in the certification of refrigeration destination products and personnel competence in the field of refrigeration.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced specialists who offer comprehensive assistance in the certification preparation and certification process, supervision and personnel competence development. With our services, we provide customers with reliable and professional service at every stage of cooperation.


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